Depression Prevention

#1 What Are The Causes of a Depression

Social factors: Stressful situations, a demanding job, but also your family situation and the pressure that comes along with that. Especially in case you have no friends, hobbies or any other reasons to think about other things.


Psychological factors: Your character, the way you have been raised and your life experiences can make you weaker or stronger. Also a bad way to deal with difficult situations can be a cause of depression


Hormonal change: After menopause or  after birth.


Diseases: Even certain diseases can be the cause of depression. Typical examples of this are thyroid disorders or the Parkinson disease.


Medication, drugs & alcohol: This is nothing new. We all know that an excessive use of medication, drugs and alcohol are no good for us.


Genetic: Depression can be genetic, you can experienc that when there are common cases of depression in your family.

#2 Things You Can Do To Prevent a Depression

Music: Music is a very important thing when you are feeling bad. You should not listen to sad music, cause that might make you feel even more sad. But sometimes it can be good to listen to music with the same emotions in it than those that you feel at that moment. You might feel understood. Also try to listen to songs with the opposite of that emotion, that can help you to turn your bad vibe into a good one.


Go outside: Depressions start in most of the cases with locking up themselves. So it is very important to go outside, even if you don't want to. It's the best you can do, staying at home in a dark bedroom is not healthy. It might feel save, but it is not.


Hobbies: You should have a hobby and use it as getaway from this planet. Focus on something else than problems, school or work. Ofcourse you should do something that you like and you feel comfortable with.


Friends: Friends are very important, they are also a reason to go out and you can talk to them about how you feel. Good friends will listen and give you advice, it may not be always the right advice, but now you have someone elses opinion. Keep in mind that your friends are no professional help.


A GOOD psychologist: Professional help can be really helpful! Only when you find a good psychologist. How can you recognize a good psychologist? 1. They don't only listen, they can talk too. 2. You must feel connected to them and you should feel understood. 3. They are a little weird, most psychologists are not normal, wich is good, because nobody is.

#3 How To Overcome a Depression

Depressions are very hard to overcome. Professional help can help you with that, but in most of the cases the depressive person doesn't want help. The person wants to stay at home in bed. A lot of people with a depression sleep all the time, they don't want to go out and don't even want to see daylight. Because most of them don't want help, the depression will last longer and after the person overcame the depression, the risk of recurrence will be much higher than for a person who had professional help. But in case the person wants to be helped, it is a lot easier to overcome the depression. The psychologist or psychiatrist can help you by listening, talking to you and by giving advice or by prescribing medication. Medication can really help you to overcome your depression. It helped a lot of people, but a lot of depressive people are not a fan of medication. But it really can help!

#4 My Story

Almost two years ago I became depressive. I didn't even know the reason. But now I do. When I was little I was bullied at school and I never talked about it at home. I was a really sensitive and emotional child. When someone was mean to me, I was either angry or I started to cry, or both. Sometimes they got me so far that I used violence. And the teachers never believed a thing I said, even when I said the truth. Anyway, that was where it started. Later I had problems at home with one of my parents and I needed to go to a psychologist. I went to five different psychologists but I never felt understood. But when I went to another school the bullying stopped and I felt more confident. Everything went normally from that point, until October 2015... I didn't go to school anymore, I always wanted to sleep, I never went out of my bed, I could not stand the daylight, I did almost not eat. I was more than a month at home and then I needed to do voluntary work. I did that for two months and then I decided to go back to school. I didn't feel completely better, but I missed my friends. The voluntary work helped me to get back into my daily rhythm. The rest had to be healed by time. After I went back to school, I went also to a new psychologist and everything is going better now. So the reason of my depression was that my childhood has been traumatizing for me. I still take medication to keep me on track. But I learned so much from that dark period in my life. Don't give up! There is hope!

- Ruben W.

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