Skin Detox

Do you also suffer from clogged pores? Here are three products

to help you with that problem.

#1 Detox Shower Gel

This Shower gel is perfect to detox your skin. Sometimes I even use it as a face mask. Your skin gets really smooth and glowy. You can use it on your whole body, including your face. I bought this product in a drugstore for €4,79 ( $5,29 | £4,08 ).

#2 Rose Water

This is a very good product to cleanse your face. It smells really nice and it works perfectly. It can be used before applying make up or after you removed your make up. Your skin will feel really nice after applying the product. I bought it for €0,75 ( $0,83 | £0,64 ).

#3 Cucumber Peel-Off

We love this product! It cleanse pores really well and it also gives you a nice glowy face. You can even use it more than ones if you close the packaging properly. It is not extremely expensive, I bought it for €1,89 ( $2,09 | £1,61).

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