Insurgency Against Parents

#1 Why Teens Get Rebellious

We want to lead our own lives: It is very important for teenagers to create and plan their own future. Some parents give freedom and responsibility and some don't, but some teens have the responsibility to watch over younger siblings and because of that they have less freedom. This is a danger to the social life of the teenager. When they always need to watch over their younger brothers or sisters and also need to work for school, they have almost no time left to meet their friends. Social contact is very imortant for people and even more important for people of that age. Social contact is very important to develop and discover themselves.


We want to be and discover ourselves: Some people don't really know who they are yet at that age. They need to discover themselves. There are a lot of influencers, for example: parents, friends, social media, magazines, billboards and so on. In a lot of cases, especially when the teenager is between 12 and 14 years old, they let themselves be influenced by those things. When they get older they will focus more on themselves and what they want and not on these influencers. They start to know who they are as a person, and they start to express themselves with  an own style of clothing and, or make up. They also care less about what other people think. Time to be themselfs and get independent.


We want to be independent: Once the teenager discovered himself he wants to get independent. They want to start their own lives and plan their own future. No more parents to tell them what they need to do and what they don't. Ofcourse parents still keep doing that, but teenagers starts to care less and just do their thing without listening to others. This is very normal for teenagers, just learn to deal with it. Some teens are not  able to become independent and do their own thing. Like my friend S.R. is not even allowed to study what she wants. That is also a reason why they want to come up for their rights.


We want to stand up for our rights: These days teens already know what their rights are and they will use it against their parents. No matter which kind of situation they're in. Every teenager has rights, but sadly not everyone gets the things that these rights tell us. What can parents do?

#2 What Parents Can Do

Be understanding: The biggest problem that teens have is that they almost never feel understood. That is why parents should be understanding. Support them to be themselves. Talk about thing they like and be interested! You should show some interest in the things that your children like and don't fake that you are interested, they can see that. It needs to come from your heart, not your head. They will maybe not always show it, but they really appreciate that you show some interest.


Give some privacy: Privacy is very important for teenagers. They have their own life and secrets, you have the acceept that. So don't check on them all the time, you might look like a control freak. Just let them lead their lives and you should lead your own, not theirs.


Give some freedom: We all want freedom, don't we? Well, teenagers want freedom too. Just give it them, so they can meet up with friends and go out togheter. Freedom is the only way to get responsible and grown up. I know that a lot of parents have difficulties with letting go of their children. This is normal, but you will finally have to.


Love them for who they are and don't Judge: Teenagers can be weird and you may not always understand them and they won't understand you, but you have to love them for who they are. Even if they wear different clothes and make up, have their own style, they are still your children. If you love them for who they are, they will love you back for what you are, their parents.

#3 My Story

I'm a weird kid, I have a personal and bizzare style and a difficult character to handle. But my mother still loves me for the freak I am. My father probably doesn't like my style, but I don't give a damn. I'm just being myself and that is the most important thing to me. I think everyone should get a chance to be themselves!

-Ruben W

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