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#1 Kind Of Group

There are two kind of groups:


1. The formed group: This group is already formed and is difficult to get in. Most of the members of a group like that have known eachother for a long time. They mostly don't want intruders, so the person who would like to enter one of those groups is excluded.


2. The forming group: A forming group is a lot easier to enter. The members of a group like this don't know eachother that long, usually less than a year, so they are not really close yet. Be aware that these groups will turn into formed groups.

#2 Everywhere

Groups appear everywhere:


From the very start, even in kindergarten, groups start to form. This is getting 'worst' when the kids start to grow older and go to primary school. Even a lot of formed groups can be created in this period of their lives, that is why a lot of kids get bullied or excluded in primary school. When they become teenagers and go to high school and especially when they have the age between 12 and 15 years old groups become a massive 'problem'. A lot of inseperable groups start to form and there is even more chance in this period of life to get bullied or excluded. Later in high school this will become less of a problem when they have the age between 16 and 18 years old. groups will start to split up and the teens start to realize that they are individuals and not depend on a group. They start to make connections with people outside the group. Even when people become adults, groups can still appear, whether they go to college or university, or even when they already work. When groups appear at work is this usually not a good sign, because it can be cause of bullying at work or excluding.

#3 Adventage

Groups can be a very positive influencer, groups can help you with discovering yourself. Because a lot of groups share interests with eachother. In most of the cases the group members have the same age and interests. Groups can be very supportive and can make you feel save and feel better about yourself. When you feel bad, you can always go to your group for support and advice. You see, groups can be a good thing too.

#4 Disadventage

Groups can also be a negative influencer, in this case the members tell you what you should do and what you don't, what you should like and what you should not and so on. They will judge you for the things you do, say or think. I have only one advice when you are in a situation like this: GET OUT OF THAT GROUP! It is not healthy to be a part of a group like that, find some new friends because they are no true friends.

#5 Just Stay True To Yourself

The only advice that I have for you is to stay true  to yourself! Other people should not have the power to say what you should do or like. They should like you for the person that you are! If that is not the case, you should ignore them and just go your own way. Go and find people who like you for who you are instead of judging you!

#6 That One Special Person

Even if you are a part of a group, there will always be someone who you like more than the others. This person can be a part of that group too, or can be an outsider. Best friends are very important and you cannot call just anyone your best friend, cause a best friend is something unique and not a tiltle that everyone deserves, it's a honorary title. If you haven't found this person yet, don't worry, one day that person will come to you. You may not know it from the first minute, but it will soon be clear that it is that one special person.

#7 My Story

Groups have been around like forever to me and that is not very positive. I don't like groups, I've always been critisized, excluded or bullied by groups. I think most of the groups judge and critisize on other people outside the group. My personal opinion is that most of these people have no confidence and need other people to speak in their place. We are all individuals and we should be able to do, say and think what we want. Thankfully I found my best friend S.R., with her I can be myself and at the end of the day that is the most important thing:  Just be yourself.

-Ruben W.

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