Trend - Bomber Jackets

Bombers are THE biggest trend right now and that is no problem for me! I love it, it's one of the greatest jackets ever. It's so all-round, you can create different styles with it by combinating it with other clothes. Also the bomber jackets themselves are available in different styles! These looks are created by Nasty Gal.

#1 Stampd Bomber

This is a bomber jacket is a little more basic, but still very beautiful and easy to combinate with other styles. You can find them in every single color you can imagine. That is why we love this one.

#2 Varsity Bomber

This bomber is one of the classics, it reminds me of tv-series or movies about American high schools. This is the jacket looks kinda sporty so it's perfect to go to the gym or just for a nice fashionable day. This classic one is still so loved.

#3 Metallic Bomber

You want to shine like a star? Well then you should purchase the metallic one! It has this nice shiny fabric. You will find them in a lot of colors, but the metallic bomber is also available with prints.

#4 Printed Bomber

This vintage bomber jacket is so pretty. As you can see you can make a very fabulous look with bomber jackets. Printed things are a lot more difficult to combinate with other clothing, but if you're a little creative: you can do it!

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