4 Summer Blogging Tips

#1 Go Outside

This is a classic one: just go outside for a little break or to get inspired. You can also write while you're outside. Take your bike , motorbike or car and go for a ride to get more inspiration and to get some fresh air. You should do those things because it's not healthy to sit inside behind your computer all day long waiting for inspiration... I can tell you that you won't get inspired by doing nothing but staring at the screen of your computer. You'll get depressed if you don't go outside. Just take my advice. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on can inpire you a little, but it's a lot more fun to go outside and get inspired by mother nature. There is nothing more inspiring than the sun on your skin, fresh air in your lungs, the sound of  twittering birds in your ears.

#2 Take A Break

Go and take a break. Do something fun. Treat yourself. You should definetly go outside your house when you take a break. Meet up with some friends  or family and do something fun together, go to a restaurant or a bar, eat something, drink something, enjoy yourself!  It's very important to take a break, because you can only focus yourself on the same thing for maximum 60 minutes. After those 60 minutes you will not be able to concentrate yourself anymore, so you should take a break for at least 10 minutes. You should also treat yourself to something nice. For example a delicious meal or go shopping and buy yourself some fabulous things. And maybe you'll get inspired by spending money...  😉

#3 Sport, Move Your Body

It's important to clear your head, so there is more space for inspiration. Sports can help you with that. When you sport you won't think about other stressful things, you will only focus on your body and your breath. You will also get more energy and inspiration to write more things on your blog. Even if you're not a very sporty person, you must try it. It doesn't have to be that intensive, just walk around the block or a little cycling is more than enough. It's healthy and very helpful!

#4 Take a Bath, Shower

It can be very hot in the summer wich means sweating. Just take a bath and relax. Relaxing is one of the most important things and not only for bloggers, for everyone! Humanity is so stressful and it's not healthy for us. A bath or shower can realy help to de-stress, the hot water, the good smelling shampoo... You will not only de-stress, you will also be clean and smell good! 😉

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