Make It Your Date, Not Your Mate

Do you have dating problems, are you hoplessly in love with that hot guy or girl from high school? You want to be noticed and shine like a priceless diamond? Well we are your saviours. We created 4 do's and don'ts to help you trap your loved one in your wicked webs.

#1 Do's

1. Be yourself and be confident, you have the ability to be loved by someone who accepts and loves you because of who you are, even with your imperfections. You better be hated for who you are than be love for who you are not.


2. Know what your limits are and don't exceed the limits of the other person. You know what you're worth, so does your lover. Be clear from the start and say what you like and don't. If he/she doesn't accept your limits, than you know it's not the right person!


3. Dare to speak, dare to ask questions. Show interest in the other person, because we're all selfish people and like to talk about ourselves. ☺ You would also like that the other person shows interest in you, so why wouldn't you show interest in him/her?


4. We told you to be yourself, that's the most important thing. But don't be scared to do something extra for your lover. He/she will see that you did an effort for him/her. Just put some nice clothes on, a good perfume and for the girls a little mascara and a cute lipstick.

#2 Don'ts

1. Be aware of your requirements, don't be too picky and don't expect a fairy tale. This is real life and it can be hard sometimes, but if you require too much, it will be much harder. You may scare the person that you love because of too high expectations


2. We also told you to speak, but don't talk too much. Don't overwhelm the person with your personal problems, keep that for when you're finally in a serious relationship and for when you are sure that it is a person that acctually listens and understands you.


3. Don't be too impulsive with getting in a relationship. Love can make you blind, sometimes you only see the good things and start a relationship while you haven't even seen the negative things about that person. If you can handle somebody at his worst, you diserve him at his best.


4. We told you to ask questions, but don't get too personal. We all want some privacy and we don't want to reveal our secrets immediatly to a person we barely know. But this is no problem if you're already friends with your crush. If your crush is your best mate, just make him your date. ☺

#3 Wishes

We wish you all the best in your dating life, we hope you will find the one. If you haven't found him/her yet, don't give up and get hopeless. Just wait and have patience, he/she will come. No one is forever alone, just go out, be confident and be yourself and everything will end up well.

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