Clean Room, Clear Mind

#1 The More Messy, The More Dressy?

A lot of people are so messy and I'm actually one of them. Don't think I never clean up my room, because I do! But it takes a long time before I start with the cleaning, although I'm always happier and feeling more comfortable afterwards. The cleaning itself makes me a little less happy... Are there really people who like to clean on this planet? Wish I was one of them...


But sadly I'm one of those people who loses his... almost everything in the mess that he made. I will change that! Because it's so frustrating when you're looking for your agenda for more than an hour and then it appeard to be in your room under some magazines.

#2 Make Time & You'll Be Fine

Time is also a big factor in this case. We always claim we have no time, but we actually do have time, we need to make it. The world is not going to end by cleaning up for a few minutes. Although it can look like the world is ending when you find a nice shirt under your bed that you haven't seen in a while and than it turns out that it doesn't fits you anymore...


What a disaster! But if you would have taken time to clean your room, you would have found it earlier and maybe you were able to wear it a few more times before you grew out of it. Perhaps you would had a good score on that task for maths if you didn't lose it between your mess. Maybe you missed a chance to have a great relationship if your lover didn't find the underwear of your ex under your mattress... Okay, never mind! It might be not that bad, I hope... ☺

#3 Be As Clean As Antibacterial Cream

Okay don't take this subtitle too serious... Anyway, when you clean the area around you, you will feel a lot more comfortable and you will be able to think much clearer. In fact it is much easier to clean up your mess right after you made it.


Look at the photo below, doesn't it look much nicer than the photo in the beginning? Well I think so and I'm really glad that I have a clean room, for now... ☺ I probably mess it up again tomorrow. I'll try to remind myself that cleaning up directly after the mess is made is a lot better than waiting till there's more mess than room... Is your room a mess? Well get your ass out of that seat, put some music on and start to clean! Here is a little quote to end this post:

Don't be messy, Just be sassy

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    Dani (Tuesday, 16 August 2016 03:41)

    I agree! I can't think clearly or be productive when my workspace/living space is a mess! Great tips!