Lord of the Rings

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#1 Trend

Hi guys! I'm so excited about the new upcomming trend! And no, it's not a new movie of Lord of the Rings. Although this new accessory is definetly THE lord of the rings! After rings, earings nose rings and other piercings there's now the hair ring, how original! This is so fresh, stylish, different and a little edgy. I totally love this new accessory and I guess you will like it too.

#2 Apply It

It's so easy to apply, firts you will need to braid your hair. Once that's done you just pick the kind of hair rings you like. Open the ring with your fingers and put it random in your braid, close it and you're done. You can apply as many as you want, you can keep it simple, but you can also create a real outstanding look with this cool accesory. With the right hair products this is something everyone can pull of.

#3 Find It

I guess you can find these in a lot of accessory stores like Claire's . Or just look it up on google and you will find some websites or stores where they sell it. You can find it in a lot of styles with different details. They're available in a simple ring form, you also have them with a little jewel on it or there are also really bold styles. My hair isn't long enough to pull this of, but I hope that your hair is! We would like to see the styles that you have created with this amazing  new trend!

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it!

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