The Beauty Secret of Olive Oil

Of course you already know olive oil and if you don't than it's your time to meet one of the best oils in the world. It is not only an ingrediënt for a delicious Italian meal, but also a natural beauty product! You can use this for so many things, you wouldn't even believe it. It is perfect for your food, face, hair and body. Let's see what olive oil can do for your hair.

#1 Care For Your Hair

Do you suffer from dry hair or dandruff? Olive oil can really help you with that. This is perfect for damaged hair caused by frequently dyeing and drying. Just use it as a conditioner, massage it into your hair and let it absorb the oil for an hour. Than wash out the rest of the oil out of your hair. The result: shiny and healthy hair. (Do not use too much oil in order to avoid greasy hair).

#2 Dry Skin

If it works for dry hair, why wouldn't it work for dry skin. Just take a few drops of olive oil and massage it into the skin. Get a natural  and healthy glow and nourished skin as result.

#3 Remove and Move

Did you know that olive oil can be used as the perfect natural make up remover? Well it has a wonderful and effective result even though it's a natural product. Just let the oil soak in a cotton ball, than cleans whole your face with the oiled cotton ball, you can even remove your eye make up perfectly. You will not have that irritating feeling in your that you get with a chemical make up remover. Than just rinse your face to remove the make up residue and the oiliness from your skin. And you're done, easy as pie!

#4 Smooth Like a Smoothie

Get some silky smooth legs by using olive oil, this can not only be used for the legs, but for your whole body. Just apply it after you took a bath or shower and use it while the skin is still wet. Than you just let it work in for a while. You just need to dry your skin with a towel like you normally would do and you're done! You get some smooth legs with a natural glow as result!

Keep calm and buy some olive oil

I highly recommand to use olive oil for dry and combinated skin and hair, it will solve a lot of problems! I wouldn't use it for oily skin and greasy hair, it would make your skin even oilier and your hair greasier.

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