Is It Fair To Be Fair?

Well, it is fair to be fair. But there are other thing that are not that fair, like some cosmetic brands. Do you have a fair skin tone and you have a lot of problems finding the matching foundation and even the lightest shades of the foundation range doesn't match your skin tone? I totally understand your struggles. There are so many brands that just neglect our pale butts...

#1 Mix It To Fix It

Too brown, too yellow, too orange, too pink... Never the right color? Well NYX came up with this amazing product to help you out with your foundation problems. The Pro Foundation Mixer, according to wich color you buy, you can customize an existing foundation till it matches your skin tone. Unfortunately this product is sold out at this moment, I hope there is a restock any time soon, because this is really a life saver for us fair people.

#2 Brands Where Your Quest Ends

Here are some brands that have some good foundations for pale people. I will start with the cheapest ones. Catrice All Matt Plus, The lightest shade in this range is Light Beige, but it may still be a little more yellow toned. This one costed me around €6.50. Rimmel Match Perfection in Light Porcelain has a little more of a pink undertone. This one costs €13. A little more expensive is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea, the lightest one is called Fair Neutral and costs €36. One of the foundations that has the largest range so far is The Vanish Seamless Finish foundation stick by Hourglass, it costs €46. These are only a few brands with great foundations, but the only ones wich I can confirm that they are effective and match fair skin.

#3 Reasons To Tease Us

I guess this all started with this weird ideal of beauty. A tanned skintone blonde hair, blue eyes, white teeth, while a century ago a fair skin tone was a characteristic of wealth and royalty. And now we are "discriminated" by the cosmetics industry. I guess this is changing because more and more brands are expanding their ranges with some lighter shades, but also with much darker and deeper shades for people with a darker skin tone. I hope this keeps on evolving and maybe one day everyone has his own personalized foundation shade. That would be great!

Pale butts have the guts!

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