The Sky Is Not The Limit

They always say 'The sky is the limit', but this is actually not the case. You are the limit. You decide what your own limits are and what you can do and what you can't to achieve your goals. But sometimes we're a bit too driven and we go across our personal limits. Most of the time society forces us to be driven and successful. Should we cross our own limits or should we keep it on the safe-mode?

#1 Cross Like a Boss

Sometimes it is a positive thing to cross your own limits. You can discover a whole new you and maybe you're able to do much more than you thought at first, experience the new things on the other side of the line. Crossing that line can help you to get some more confidence.  Of course it only has a positive effect when you're not forced to do it. Stay true to yourself, your own opinion and decisions. If you like it , do it. If you don't, just don't.

#2 Don't Like It, Don't Do It

The only one that's allowed to force you is you. Other people shouldn't have the power to speak for you. You have a voice, just use it. Don't do it when you're totally not comfortable with it. But keep in mind that sometimes you'll just have to force yourself , because you may be missing out on something when you don't. In some cases you'll need to accept that they are forcing you to do something, at work or school, but this is probably in your favor.

#3 Your Life Is a Mess When You Stress

Some people are born and raised to be succesful, but in most of these cases they were forced to force themselves. Sometimes parents want their kids to be as, or more succesful as they are. When you push yourself too much and you want to be the best in everything, this can cause a lot of stress. I guess it's not healthy when you push yourself till you get a burn out. If you're one of these people, be aware of the negatives sides of forcing yourself too much. Just take a break, think about what's the most important to you and do that first. ☺

Don't try to be the best, it will get you stressed.

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