It's Always a Match With Match Perfection

Referring to my previous make up post 'Is It Fair To Be Fair', here is a review on one of the foundations I mentioned: Rimmel Match Perfection. The shade ranges of this foundation is bigger than some other brands, it goes from Light Porcelain to Deep Mocha. Unfortunately you may not find all the shades in your local store, in Belgium there are only 5 shades avaiable. This is a real bummer when you're very fair or dark skin toned. But I found the perfect shade...

After a long quest I finally found the shade I was looking for, Light Porcelain. In some stores they didn't sell this shade and in some other stores they were always sold out. For the people in Belgium who are also looking for this shade, but have the same problems, I bought mine at Di. This is just the perfect shade for fair people.


It has a nice texture and smell, but I discovered a little problem when I wanted to apply the foundation. Most of the time I use my Real Techniques buffing brush and I first put dots of foundation all over the face and then blend it in with the brush. But the result wasn't flawless at all, there were a lot of brush marks. So I did something that I normally never do, apply it with my hands. I applied it like day cream and then used the brush afterwards like I normally do.


The finish looks pretty good and it lasts for a long time. The packaging says that it lasts for 24 hours, but I guess this is not the case. After 12 hours it may get a little oily around the T-zone. It also contains SPF20 wich is a good thing! Over all, this is a pretty good product and also cheap.

I like to finish this look with the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. This facial powder reduces the high shine effect of the foundation. Normally you won't be able to do a photoshoot with flashlights when wearing Match Perfection, but with this product on top of it you can. You will have a matte finish and still a natural glow. Just use your powder brush, dip it in the powder and apply it all over your face, but don't use too much, otherwise you will get a cakey look.

I'm glad with Stay Matte

Both of these products together make a great facial look. A little tip: take the powder with you on the road, so you can fix your look when you get oily during the day. It has up to five hours shine control and minimises the appearance of  the pores. These products are totally not expensive, the foundation cost me €12,99 and the facial powder costs €9,99. Cheap and still a flawless skin! ☺

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