Let's Wear Some Lingerie

No, I'm not talking about sexy underwear, but about these fancy lipsticks by NYX. These lipsticks are liquid, matte and have a great texture! This range has 12 unique nude colors, from nude pinks to chocolate brown and warm mahogany red. I think this is a very versatile lipstick collection and they created a simple but beautiful packaging. I wanted to buy all of them, but I didn't have the budget, so I bought my two favourites! Let's see wich ones I picked out.

Sattin Ribbon

I was really having a dilemma between Satin Ribbon and Corset, but Satin Ribbon was a little lighter than Corset. This lipstick is more of a nude beige color and is very nice for daily look, depending on wich skintone you have. It's also a great to put it on top on another lipstick to make it lighter and matte! I rather wear this lipstick with a lipliner to make this look complete.


From the moment I saw a tutorial where this lipstick was used, I really wanted Embellishment in my make up collection. This one is more of a purplish nude color, it's not totally nude or a crazy edgy color. It's also okay wear this on a normal day at school or work. It's really nice to wear it with a brown lipliner and put some Satin Ribbon in the center, this make you lips look a little more plump lips. This is really my favourite shade in this color range!

Everything is okay when you wear Lingerie

These lipsticks are really good!

The only negative thin is that they  can dry your lip out,

but I think this is the case with most of the matte lipsticks.

Treat your lips with lipbalm and you're just fine!

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    Sabeeka (Monday, 24 October 2016 19:22)

    These look lovely.. Nice pastel shades- something that I've just started liking and using a lot more than earlier