Silky Skin With Nivea Silk Mousse

Nivea came out with a new product, the Silk Mousse and it's amazing! Nivea has been around for over a century and their first product ever launched is still one of the most popular products. Nivea Creme, their Sensitive Aftershave Balm (a great primer for makeup) are definitely my two favourite Nivea products and I also added the Silk Mousse to my favourites. But they're still inventing new and better products. I can't wait for them to come up with another product! Let's see how to use the new product and where to use it for!

#1 What It Does

This mousse has been a life saver to me! I always have dry arms and that's quite irritating. Body lotions are also moisturizing, but they make them greasy and do not always soak in that well. But this product helps me with my dry arms and do not feel greasy at all! It makes your arms  feel so much softer. They have chosen a really good name for this product, because it gives your skin a real silky and smooth skin. Besides a nice texture it also has a nice smell. It smells like their popular Nivea Creme , the Silk Mousse has also ingrediants. Let's see how you use it!

#2 How To Use

It's mainly created to use in the shower, but you can also use it in bath or at the lavatory. It doesn't mention anything about applying it on the face. So I haven't try that. But it doesn't say that you're not allowed to use  it on your face. It does say that you have to avoid contact with the eyes. When the product gets in your eyes, you have to rinse your eyes with (running) water.

1. Shake well before use

2. Keep the bottle straight up and apply a small amount of mousse in your hands

3. Apply the mousse to your wet body

4. Remove any exessive product with water and your skin feels silky and smooth

( I like to use a body scrub before applying the mousse.)

Definitely try it out!

I can tell that it's a very good product, it does what it says on the packaging.

It feels nice, it smells nice and it's easy to use.

It's great for all skin types.

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