Holy Summer Glow

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I'm in love with my Makeup Addiction Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes! I already reviewed their Flaming Love  and their Meadow palette and the pigmentation was real! They still have another palette and they recently came out with a new smokey palette. But today's review is all about the glow! The brand has two highlighting palettes and they also got loose highlighters and in this post I'm going to review one of the two higlighting palettes: Holy Glow Vol. 1


If you read my previous post on my Makeup Addiction Cosmetics palettes you already know that this brand is cruelty free, some of their products are also vegan and paraben free. This is a black owned brand from the UK. They have an online shop at makeupaddictioncosmetics.com , they also have a few global retailers, you can find a list of those on their own website. Boozyshop wos one of them, but they won't sell the brand anymore, wich is a total bummer! Boozyshop is a great retailer for people from the Netherlands and Belgium. I was able to purchase it there, but now it's sold out. They still have 2 pigments, a pouch and a brushset at an amazing discount.


This palette has a vintage print going on, just like the Flaming Love eyeshadow palette. Unlike the eyeshadow palettes the highlighting palettes don't have a mirror or a quote on it, wich is not a huge drawback for me because I always use the same mirror when I get ready. All of the Makeup Addiction palettes have removable pans wich is great to put them in a Z-palette to create a custom palette. I don't have a Z-palette, but I switch shades between the palettes I have.


The shade range is so great! You have something for every skin tone, and if one of the shades doesn't work as highlighter, you can use them as eyeshadow as well! The first shade in the palette is called White Diamond, wich is a perfect name for this shade. It's a icy white that's perfect for people with fair skin or for a dramatic innercorner highlight. Next up is Pink Champagne, I don't this name is very fitting. This shade is totally not pink, it's more an organgy coral with gold reflects in it, perfect for darker complexions. The next shade is Golden Beam, this shade is very unique. It's like a pale yellowy shade, very hard to describe. It would be suitable for a lot of skin tones. The last shade is Sun Kissed, this is a pretty champagne color. This would be very pretty on a lot of skin tones. This shade blends perfectly with my skin tone for a natural glow.


The formula differs between the shades. White diamond is a little bit stiff in the fingerswatch. But there are no problems while applying it on the face. Pink champagne is very smooth in the fingerswatch and also applies very easily on the face. I often use this shade as a blush topper over a peachy or coral blush. Sun Kissed is very smooth, this one is the most natural of them all. All of the shades are very pigmented! These highlighters are pretty shimmery, so it does look like makeup and they are very blinding! If you're more a natural girl, this won't be something for you.

Eyes & Face

You can use these highlighters perdectly as eyeshadow. In this eyeshadow look I used all of the shades. On the outer part of the eyelid I used Pink Champagne, on the inner part I used Golden Beam. As innercorner highlight I applied White diamond and as browbone highlight I used Sun Kissed. In the crease I used Sweet Peach and Dusk from the Meadow palette. On the face I used Sun Kissed, wich blended perfectly with my skintone. As a blush topper I used Pink Champagne.

If you want to be Holy, you gotta Glow

I really like this palette, you have a lot of options.

It's very versatile and there's something for every skintone!

The ingredients will be listed down below.

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    Tia Danielle (Tuesday, 18 July 2017 07:08)

    I like a lot! Love having multi uses for products...they all look good on your eyes! You were very descriptive in your post, thank you �

  • #2

    Silvija (Tuesday, 18 July 2017 14:11)

    Looks so pigmententet, love it! Nice colors