35F: Fall Into Frost - Morphe

I'm sure you guys already have heard from the brand Morphe Brushes! Every beauty guru has at least one of their palettes! I've been trying to get my hands on one of their eyeshadow palettes for a long time. I already had a blush palette, the 9N, really great blushes, super pigmented and blendable! That made me want to try their eyeshadows too. So this review is on my first ever Morphe eyeshadow palette! I got my hands on the 35 Fall Into Frost palette, if you want to know more about quality of this palette, then keep on scrolling in order to find out!

Let's talk about the packaging for a second. Morphe packaging is not the most luxurious packaging whatsoever. It's a very basic, black plastic palette. But packaging isn't always everything. You get 56.2 g / 1.98oz of product and 35 shades, so you get a lot of product for a very affordable price, so you can't expect everything to be amazing! I rather have an amazing formula and some basic packaging than super beautiful and luxurious packaging but a crappy formula. It's a very big palette, so it's nog really a palette to put in your handbag.


It also might be a problem to travel doesn't have a mirror and it's not the most sturdy palette if that's something you're looking for in a palette to travel with. I would personally still travel with this palette, it's big but very slim so it won't take that much place in my suitcase, I bring always a powder, highlighter... with a mirror with me, so that'snot really a dealbreaker for me and you have a lot of options to create different looks. Let's take a talk about the actual formula.

Overall I really like this palette. The shade range of this palette is also very nice! You get 4 rows of shimmers, metallics and some more foiled shadows and the last row is all matte. This is a really great palette if you're into shimmers and if you're on the look for some nice eyelid shades and some musthave mattes. You get some champagnes, golds, rosegolds, berry tones,  coppers, purples, taupes, ... There are a lot of options, the colors are great but what about the formula?Every single shade is very pigmented and they swatch like a dream, the mattes don't swatch as well as the metallics but that's with almost every palette, but they are still really soft. They are also really blendable. Let's get into the finger swatches and a little eyelook I created with it.

The first row from this palette are very nice highlighting shades, there's one for every skin tone, you can definitely use them on the lid and on the face too! I really like to use the first 3 colors on my lighter complexion. I also like them for the innercorner and browbone and even on the lid. I also like the 4th and 5th color in the innercorner and on the lid! The last two shades are too dark to highlighte for my complexion, or maybe when I'm doing a dramatic smokey eye I could use them in the innercorner, but I especially like those on the lid and on the lower lashline.

The second row has a lot of bronzy and copper shades. It also has some more golden shades and dark browns. This row has also one very unique shade, I don't have anything else like this in my collection. It's a taupe metallic with a warm undertone, a very pretty shade. This one is very pretty with some burnt orange and brick shades in the crease. These colors are great to create a bronzy look and this never goes out of style! So you could definitely make a more neutral look.

The 3th row is all about berry shades! The first color is a dark rosegold shade, next to that you have a pretty raspberry shade, the next one is a pretty taupy champagne. In the middle you have a darker golden bronze shade, great for a bronze smokey eye. The last 3 shades are more vampy shades. The shade next to the dark gold is a aubergine shade, next you have a dark maroon shade and last but not least is a darker red, almost burgundy shade, very great shade  for fall!

The 4th row has some more golden bronze shades, but also some other cool shades! The first shade is a shade that's a combination of the 5th and 6th shade from the last row. The next one is a true gold shade, it looks almost yellow. The one next to that is a darker version of the 3th shade from the second row. The shade in the middle is darker muted pink. the last 3 shades are more brown shades. The one next to the pink is more a dark bronze. The one next to that is a really dark chocolate shade and the last one is a lighter chocolate brown.

The last row is all matte, which is great because I really don't like to put shimmers in my crease! The intention of eyeshadow in the crease is to create a shadow and that's not possible with more metallic shades. So I love that they included some musthaves mattes. The first one is a very light milky peach shade, almost my skin tone, but it's still visible on my eyes, very nice transition shade. Next up is a more cooltoned crease color. 3th is a warmer camel shade, also very pretty in the crease and on the lower lashline. The 3 next shades are really great shades to warm up the look and to darken the outer corner. And last but  not least we have a very pigmented black.


- Eyelid: second shade from the 3th row

- Transition: first shade from the matte row

- Crease: 3th shade from the matte row

- Outer corner: 6th shade from the matte row

- Innercorner & browbone: first shade from the 1st row

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