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Hey guys! Today I'm going to talk about the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette, the name is inspired on one of his first singles from Jeffree's music carreer. If you've been following my blog for a little while you probably know that I've already reviewed Jeffree's Chrome Collection and the Androgyny palette. I was really impressed by the quality of the producst and especially from the Androgyny palette, so I had to pick up his other palette as well! The Beauty Killer palette was actually his first palette, but I wasn't really sure about the colors in this palette and at the time I didn't know anything about his formula. So it was safer for me to buy the more neutral palette. But since I have that one and found out how great the formula was I had to get the other one and here we are! If you want to see some swatches, a little eyelook and you want to know if it's as good as his other palette, then keep on reading!

I really like the packaging, the box is a hot pink shade with gold lettering on it, super fancy! The actual palette is a baby pink / lavender shade with black lettering and his logo is also gold, very cute as well! This palette has the same size as the Androgyny palette, so it's pretty big for a palette with only 10 shades! Also the eyeshadowpans themselves are huge! You get more product than in most other eyeshadow palettes. Every pan contains 2.52g | 0.09oz, that a lot more than in regular eyeshadow pans and I have seen a video where they weigh the product and their appears to be more product in it than there claimed to be. But size is not always everything girls! ;) The quality of the product is even more important than the quantity, let's talk about the formula!

As I mentioned before, there are 10 shades in this palette: First we have Star Power, which is a matte vibrant hot pink! You might think "I'm never going to use that shade", I tought that as well, but these shadows are so blendable that you can blend it out till it's a soft pink shade. Second we have Princess, this is a very pretty pink/lavender highlighter shade, it looks almost like the packaging. You could also use this shade as a cheeckbone highlighter. Next we have Violence which is a nice violet shimmer shade. Next to that we have Rich B*tch, it's a olive metallic gold shade. Courtney is a nice peachy transition shade. First on the bottom we have Expensive, this is a more blue/team glittery eyeshadow. Next to that we haven another shimmer shade called Confession, it's a more brick/burgundy shade. Vanity is a really dark plum shade. Next to that one we have China White, this is not really a true white, it's more like an Ivory shade. And last but not least we have Black Rainbow, which is a black shade with rainbow glitter in it.

All very beautiful shades! But do they work as great on the eyes? Star Power is a very pigmented and blendable shade. Princess is a very pretty highlighter even for on the face. Violence is a very nice violet shade for the eyelid, also very pigmented. Rich B*tch was a little disappointing to me. This shade was very dry and I couldn't get any pigment, not with a (wet) brush and not even with my fingers, I really liked the shade, so I tried something that might have ruined it even more... I sprayed some settingspray on it and let it soak in for a minute and now it works like a dream, very creamy and pigmented!


Courtney is my new favourite transition shade, I even like to bronze up my face with it! Star Power and Courtney together even make a very beautiful blush! Expensive is a really nice shadow for the lower lashline and lid, also really pigmented. Confession is a very creamy lid shade. Vanity is a really nice shade for a purple smokey eye. China White is a nice shade to set my eyelid primer and Black Rainbow is the most beautiful and unique black I've ever seen, very pigmented but also blendable!

Ingredients & Eyelook

For this look I used Star Power and Courtney in the crease. I packed the shade Star Power on the inner third of the eyelid and lower lashline. In the center of the lid I applied Rich B*tch with a wet brush to give the look a little golden touch. On the outer third I applied Violence and to deepen that up I used some Vanity. I also used Violence and Vanity on the outer part of the lower lashline. To finish the look I applied Princess in the innercorner and on the browbone. Done!


Overall I'm really happy with this palette. The formula is not exactly the same than the Androgyny palette. The matted are slightly more dry to the touch, but they still perform as great!  Rich B*tch was not as good as I expected, I tought it would be simular to the formula from Déjà Vu from Adrogyny. But I was still able to make it work! I think this palette is a MUST HAVE in your collection! You get a lot of fun unique shades and combined and with the Androgyny you can create so many looks, the options are endless! Definitely worth  the splurge!

I got my palette from https://www.themakeupspot.nl/ they are an official retailer of JSC, the palette retails for €45 on The Make Up Spot, this is a great site if you're from the Netherlands, Belgum or Germany! Of course you can also go to https://jeffreestarcosmetics.com/ the palette retails for $45 and you can find a list of official retailers if you're looking for a retailer in your country or a country that ships to your country. Definitely go check it out! See you later!

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