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Welcome to faMan's fashionblog. You can discover new and different styles of fashion on this blog. We respect every style. We learn from every style. We love every style! Casual, grunge, gothic, hipster... We don't care. Every style has its own charm and character. You can express a lot with clothing. You can express your feelings by the use of color in your clothing. And express your thoughts by the combination of clothing. You can create your own style. Just wear what you like and you will discover your style. Fashion is also a lifestyle and that is why those two are combinated on this blog. We will also share tips about make up and beauty care. We are happy to recieve your style and your tips! Contact us!

Black & White, All Day & Night

Black and white never goes out of style. Winter, spring, summer or fall, it doesn't matter, you can wear it all year round. These are the two basic colors you must have in your wardrobe. But it all depends on how you combine it. You can add some color to it to give it a more spring or summer feeling. I just combined it with a light jeans to brighten up this look, a casual sneaker and neutral makeup to make this outfit casual but with a special feature that keeps it interesting.

I'll start off with the top. I'm wearing a black kimono by Zara. I really like the fabric of this item. The main fabric is linnen, that's why it feels a little havy. It's nothing too much. This fabric is great for spring. The weather during spring can be a little unstable, in the morning it can be really cold and during the day it can become rather warm. This kimono is so great for this time of year. Because the fabric is thick and keeps you just warm enough for the cold mornings, you can also clos the jacket with the strings and the sleeves are wide so the fresh air can get in.

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Got Stuck In Bad Luck

Hey guys, it's been a while since I uploaded a new post. I'm sorry it took so long, but I had to deal with some serious bad luck in the past two months. I will tell you all what happend, how I dealt with it and what I've learned from it. Let's see how it all started and how I fought against it.

#1 The Start Of The End

After the Christmas holidays and the first week after, I got ill. I had a bad cold associated with headache and fever. I had to stay home for two weeks and I couldn't do anything. When the cold was over I went back to school, but the second day I fell during gym class and my ligaments were torn (again). I already had torn my ligaments about 3 months before that, but this time I needed a cast (for a whole month). After I got the cast I needed to go back to school and that wasn't easy at all. Everyday I'm almost 2 hours on the way to school and back. Luckely my parents were able to take me. The next Wednesday I got ill again. The fever and headache came up again. My motivation was getting lower, but the pressure was getting even higher.

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Broccoli & Me

First of all I want to wish you a very happy New Year! I'm very sorry that I haven't posted a lot lately, I was out of the game for about 2 months, I think. It was a very stressful period in those 2 months, with the exams comming up and all the other work that we had for school. So it was definetly a hard period and I didn't really have the time and inspiration to post something. When I post something I want to put effort in it and give you guys a high-quality post and not a post with some nonsense in it. So after a while and now the new year has started I'm back with a new post!

Normally I don't really eat broccoli because I didn't like it how my mother made it. I also thought  that broccoli was the problem and that it just wasn't a nice vegetable. But I wanted to prove myself wrong, so I bought some broccoli from the grocery store and prepared it myself in my way. And I actually liked it a lot better than the way my mother prepares broccoli, sorry mom! I will tell you how I made this simple but also delicious meal, just keep on reading! ☺

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The Sky Is Not The Limit

They always say 'The sky is the limit', but this is actually not the case. You are the limit. You decide what your own limits are and what you can do and what you can't to achieve your goals. But sometimes we're a bit too driven and we go across our personal limits. Most of the time society forces us to be driven and successful. Should we cross our own limits or should we keep it on the safe-mode?

#1 Cross Like a Boss

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Fast Omelette

You need to get up early and have no time left to make a delicious omelette for breakfast? Or does your omelette always burn or fall apart? Well I found the solution: Tupperware Breakfast Maker! It's so fast and easy, you can create the perfect omelette in no  time. You can create your own omelette with ingredients you like, just be creative. I will tell you how I made mine...


Get out of your bed for a tasty omelette!

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Don't Let Them Fall For Fall

Autumn officially started, but sometimes here in Belgium it feels like it's still summer and I ain't complaining about that! Even though it's getting a little colder here and the sun is shining less, sunglasses are still one of the biggest accessories for this fall. Sunglasses fit with everything and can be classy and casual at the same time. Be fashionable and put on your sunglasses this fall.

Sunglasses are like a real-life filter to me, everything you see looks like it comes straight from instagram. Sunglasses are just a life saver, I'm a little highly sensitive and incentives like sunlight can be very irritating to me. It's of course also a lot nicer when you can actually see all the things without being blinded by the sunlight and you won't run against other people and things. ☺

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Save The Drama For Your Mama

I want to apologize for the fact that I haven't posted anything this week, but there was so much drama going on in my life and had so much on my mind. It was a hard week and now I finally have got the time to reflect and put everything in order. I hope you guys will understand why I had a hard time this week. I will share my experience to help you with a very common problem.

#1 The Biggest Kings & Queens

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Spicy & Sweet Is All You Need

And did you ever think of combinating something spicy with something sweet? Well I didn't until today and it worked out really well! It's super easy to create this delicious snack, it doesn't even take a minute to make this. This is such a great snack for people who don't have time to get breakfast. Let's start and see what you need to prepare a quick snack...

All you need is rice cake, chocolate spread, cayenne pepper, Italian spices and some basilicum. Just spread the chocolate on the rice cake, add the cayenne pepper and the Italian spices, than finish with some basilicum to add some color and you're done. Quick, easy and delicious! Enjoy your snack!


The Beauty Secret of Olive Oil

Of course you already know olive oil and if you don't than it's your time to meet one of the best oils in the world. It is not only an ingrediënt for a delicious Italian meal, but also a natural beauty product! You can use this for so many things, you wouldn't even believe it. It is perfect for your food, face, hair and body. Let's see what olive oil can do for your hair.

#1 Care For Your Hair

Do you suffer from dry hair or dandruff? Olive oil can really help you with that. This is perfect for damaged hair caused by frequently dyeing and drying. Just use it as a conditioner, massage it into your hair and let it absorb the oil for an hour. Than wash out the rest of the oil out of your hair. The result: shiny and healthy hair. (Do not use too much oil in order to avoid greasy hair).

#2 Dry Skin

If it works for dry hair, why wouldn't it work for dry skin. Just take a few drops of olive oil and massage it into the skin. Get a natural  and healthy glow and nourished skin as result.

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Survive The First Month

I’m back with my silly back-to-school talk, you might think “here we go again”. But I think it’s really important to support the people who have a hard time going back to school and this is also a way to remind myself of the positive things about school and how you can survive the first month. I’m still a little in vacay mode even though I’m at school now. Let’s see what we can do to make the first month a little easier.

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Velvet Is What You Should Get

School already started and the summer is coming to an end, but there is one thing that will never come to an end and that is fashion! The fall collections are already formed and there is something that really stands out: velvet. I went shopping and I immediatly noticed that brown velvet shirt. At first I thought it was a weird fabric for a shirt, but then I touched it and I fell in love with the shirt and the fabric! I'm glad this is going to be the new trend this autumn.

Velvet is such a nice fabric with a lovely texture and you can find a lot of pieces with this fabric: Tops, trousers, shoes, bags, jackets, blazers, dresses, jumpsuits and so on. It's also available is so many colors! Yellow, green, red, brown, blue, purple, pink, black, in every color you can imagine. Printed velvet is of course also an option, flowers, animal print, something African, it's all possible, just be creative and wear what your comfortable with!

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Bag to School

You can't go back to school without a bag to school! I guess your bag is one of the most important thing to take with you when you go to school, besides your books. But what would you do with your books if you got nothing to put them in? It wouldn't be handy to carry your bag in your hands all day long. Your bag can also be a nice accessorie to finish your look!

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Gold & Bold

A gold shoe is what you should do

Don't be afraid to stand out! School will start soon and there might be a lot of new people and it can be hard for those people to remind you, but with these jewels you will be unforgettable. With these shoes you can totally bling up your thing! Combinate it with something more basic, a black T-shirt and a pair of black jeans, this keeps your outfit in balance. Add some more bling with a golden watch or another accessory. You can combinate these shoes with a lot, just be creative!

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Change Can Be Strange

Photo via: www.nowcure.me

Still in vacay mode? Well you should get out of it! The summer is ending and school will start soon, prepare yourself because we're going back to reality. I know the word 'school' sounds horrible when it's not there yet, but you have to keep in mind that it will be there in less than two weeks. Enjoy those two weeks, but also prepare for the things below...

#1 Early Bird

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Vintage Clothing - Men

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This July On Faman: Lifestyle


Lifestyle is a new aspect on famanstudios.com. It will be added this July. We will post everything about living your life to the fullest and how you can do that. This aspect will be combined with Fashion. The aspect Fashion & Make up will change into Fashion & Lifestyle. Don't worry, we will still post things about make up! Everything will be the same as before, there will only be added something extra!

We hope you will like it!


FaMan's Summer Looks - Women

Hi girls! Are you ready for the summer? Well we are ready and prepared us with these amazing outfits! Take a look and let us know what you think in a comment below! We're always happy to recieve your fashion looks! Just send it in mail and maybe we will post it on FaMan Fashion! Check out our YouTube channel, Facebookpage and Instagram!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Wp0RLzn0XeL_SgWvijApA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/famanofficial/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/famanofficial/


Look #1

This outfit is perfect for a nice trip. It's very comfortable and it is made of a very light fabric. This look is composed by us and made by Zara.

Top: €29,95 | $33,80 | £23,60
Skirt: €29,95 | $33,80 | £23,60
Shoes: €19,99 | $22,55 | £15,75
Hat: €15,99 | $18,00 | £12,60
Bag: €39,95 | $45,00 | £31,50
Sunglasses: €15,95 | $18,00 | £12,60

Look #2

This is an amazing look to go to a festival! It's fun and sexy at the same time. We really love the shoes! The clothing is made by H&M , but the look is composed by FaMan.

Crop Top: €14,99 | $16,90 | £11,80
Skirt: €19,99 | $22,55 | £15,75
Shoes: €29,99 | $33,80 | £23,65
Hat: €17,99 | $20,30 | £14,20...
Bag: €34,99 | $39,50 | £27,60
Necklace: €7,99 | $9,00 | £6,30
Watch: €14,99 | $16,90 | £11,80

Look #3

This is a really fun and sporty look. It's nice for a fun day out in the city, or just a stylish day at school!

You can find these clothes on riverisland.com!

Jeans: €55,00 | $32,00 | £43,35
Crop Top: €8,00 | $9,00 | $6,30
Jacket: €50,00 | $56,40 | £39,40
Shoes: €37,00 | $41,75 | £29,20
Bag: €35,00 | $39,50 | £27,60


faMAN Summer Looks - Men

Boys, are you ready for the summer? Well you should go shopping! Prepare yourself for the summer with these 3 young and fresh looks. And if you like them , let us know in a comment below! We're always happy to recieve your fashion looks! Just send it in mail and maybe we will post it on FaMan Fashion! Check out our YouTube channel, Facebookpage and Instagram!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Wp0RLzn0XeL_SgWvijApA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/famanofficial/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/famanofficial/

Look #1

This look is perfect to go to a festival or a concert. But it's also a nice outfit for a citytrip. The clothing is made by Zara, but the look is put togheter by FaMan

Shoes: €59,95 | $67,30 | £47,50
Belt: €25,95 | $30,00 | £20,55
Bag: €59,95 | $67,30 | £47,50
T-Shirt: €19,95 | $22,50 | £16,00...
Jeans: €49,95 | $56,00 | £39,55
Hat: €29,95 | $33,50 | £24,00
Sunglasses: €25,95 | $30,00 | £20,55
Poncho: €39,95 | $45,00 | £31,60

Look #2

This look is very comfortable, unique and a little classy too, because of the dr. Martens shoes. It's a nice look to chill and hang out with friends.

T-Shirt: €12,50 | $14,00 | £10,00
Shorts: €25,00 | $28,00 | £20,00
Cap: €7,00 | $8,00 | £5,50
Dr. Martens
Shoes: €185,00 | $208,00 | £146,50
Bag: €55,00 | $62,00 | £43,50
River Island
Sunglasses: €18 | $20,20 | £14,25

Look #3

This is perfect for a fun day out in the city on a cool summer day. And do this in style with this amazing outfit composed by FaMan and created by H&M. It is also great for a fun night out.

Jacket: €39,99 | $44,95 | £32,00
Top: €9,99 | $11,20 | £8,00
Jeans: €39,99 | $44,90 | £32,00
Bag: €49,99 | $56,15 | £39,55
Sunglasses: €6,99 | $7,90 | £5,50

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CMT Music Awards 2016 - Red Carpet

The CMT Music Awards 2016 were amazing. There was again a lot of black on the red carpet, but this time also a lot of white! Aubrie Sellers looked stunning in that black dress. Carrie Underwood wore a little more color and she pulled it of really well! Elle King sparkeled in this black jumpsuit. JT Hodges kept it simple with a dark blue poloshirt and a pair of jeans, he doesn't need more than that to look handsome! Kelsea Ballerini's dress was wonderful, but the legging didn't really fit with the rest of the look. Sam Hunt wore this black and white printed shirt and black chinos, he looked hot as Always. We like flowers, but Cassie McConnel's dress was a little too much, she doesn't need all those flowers to be natural beauty. Brandi Cyrus looked very pretty in her peach dress. Lauren Alaina looked really stunning in that pink dress! Maggie Rose wore this white dress with metal rings, but she didn't really pulled it of that well. Let us know what you think and leave a comment below!


CFDA Fashion Awards 2016 - Red Carpet


June 6

The CFDA Fashion Awards 2016 were fantastic. Again; Some nailed it and some failed it. One of faMan's favourite actresses Sarah Paulson from American Horror Story looked good, we would have liked the dress a little longer. Anyway; her short hair looked fabulous! Alexander Skasgaard's tuxedo looked so great! Coco Rocha's dess was really stunning. And then you have Qyeen B!  As usual she looked like an angel with her striped suit and that giant hat, only a Queen like her can wear something like that! Rachel Zoe looked very chique with thos pearls on her shoulders and her silver shoes. Mia Moretti wore this unique dress, but she actually pulled it of really great. Love the shoes! Between all those fabulous oufits, there were also a few fails. Olivia Culpo looked a little bit like an ostrich, sorry Olivia ,  but that skirt didn't fit you that well. Claire Danes, we all know where your bellybutton is situated ... So you didn't really need that detail in the middle of your dress. Elsa Hosk, isn't that a little too much gold? And Emily Ratajowski, were you wearing a night-gown? Never mind... Oh, and Adriana Lima dropped her pants almost to her knees. But her makeup and hair was fantastic!!! Just try on a cute dress next time.

Let us know what you think about the CFDA Fashion Awards' red carpet arrivals and leave a comment. From now on you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/famanofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/famanofficial/

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Billboard Music Awards 2016 - Red Carpet

May 22

No red carpet this time, but a HOT PINK carpet! & there were a lot of hot outfits at the Billboard Music Awards 2016. For example Keke Palmer in her purple latex dress, she looked awesome. Ciara's outfit was also very nice, everything looked great. We saw again a lot of black, some were great and some were terrible. The best black look was obviously ZLALA with her outstanding gown. We love Rachel Platten's look, she pulled it off very great. Laverne Cox wore this fancy gown, everything looked very classy, the dress, the purse with a little red accent, her hair and make up, it all fitted toghetter. Demi Lovato's outfit was okay, but not extremely beautiful. & Britney Spears looked like she forgot to put on her pants. Meghan Trainer wore again a sparkeling dress, it looked a little like what she wore at the iHeartRadio Awards, so it wasn't that special. We liked Zendaya's  look, but the collor didn't really fit her. Enough about the girls, let's talk about the boys. Jesse Palmer looked handsome with his blazer, we love the pants. Steven Tyler looked great with the stripes, he matched perfectly with Rachel Platten's look. Shawn Mendes'  outfit fitted him so good. Troye Sivan is such an adoreble guy, and he even expresses that in his clothing. Wiz Khalifa looked pretty good, he's a real style-icon. Let us know what you think about all these looks and leave a comment below.

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Teen Vogue - Spring Party Outfits

Want to know the latest trends, take a look at Teen Vogue Fashion

Roxy.com - Festival Collection

Summer is comming and so are the festivals. Prepare you and go shopping at roxy.com

MTV Movie Awards 2016 - Red Carpet

April 9

Again a lot of black on the red carpet and also a lot of blue. From all the black we have seen on the MTV Movie Awards, we think Kendall Jenner killed it with her look, everything fitted perfectly togheter, the dress, the jewellery, the shoes, the hair & make up, everything. Brett Davern, we love your suit! But those red sneakers are NOT okay! Jillian looked stunning, her dress was fabulous. She looked like a Disney princess! The suit we loved the most was a red one. Yes Mike Posner, we are talking about you! Between a lot of dresses there was this sexy jumpsuit of Cara Delevigne! Katie Stevens looked magical in that sparkeling dress. But Katie, you have such beautiful hair, why didn't you jut let it down and did a little hairflip? Chris Pratt is a very hot man, but his outfit didn't fit his hotness. Kat Graham, were you wearing a dress or just sexy lingerie? Because it's not okay to appear on the red carpet in your underwear. Shame on you. Dylan Sprayberry's look was not very special, but he doesn't need anything! He l still very great! Last but not least; Tyler Posey, he looks so adoreble in his red MTV onesie! With that and his cute smile he had maybe not the best, but the cutest outfit of the MTV Music Awards 2016. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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ACM Awards 2016 - Red Carpet

April 3

The ACM Awards 2016 was a magical event with a lot of pretty outfits, but also with a lot of failures. We will start with the worst look this time; Katy Perry, what were you thinking?! We love Katy, but we hate this look! The colors, the fabrics, the jacket, the shoes, the hair & make up too, and OMG that belt! Sorry Katy, you totally failed it. But Miranda Lambert totally nailed it! You would think that yellow and blond is the worst combination, but not this time! Everything looked great! And heels with a pistol holster, very original! Cam wore the same color as Miranda, but she didn't pulled it off right, Miranda wins! Blair Flower looked great too. Orange is hard to wear, but it fitted her perfectly. Dolly Parton kept it classy with a long dress with some lace. Nicole Kidman, you looked fabulous! We loved everything about your outfit, make up and hair! Sam Hunt wore this black suit, he looked really hot, as always. Lauren Alaina reminded me of the Disney pricess Cinderella, with this magical blue ball gown! Kelleigh Bannen had this wonderful black dress, it looked totally great on her. Carrie Underwood looked stunning! Sorry Maggie Rose, but you looked like a disco ball. Attach her to the ceiling and get the party started! 

What did you think of the ACM styles this year?

Let it know in a comment below.

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iHeart  Radio Awards 2016 - Red Carpet

April 3

The iHeartRadio Awards were not that fabulous when it comes to fashion. Some nailed it, but a lot of celebs failed it. Let's start with the bad news; Kat Graham's look was not really what we expected of her and not in a good way. Cheryl Burke, we can see your boobs, but where are your feet? Calvin Harris' clothes were okay, but not sure if it was the right combination. Meghan Trainor had a nice dress, but she didn't really fit the dress. We miss your blonde hair Meghan! Did Selena escape out of prison? Cause that orange jumpsuit made it look like that. Sorry Selena, you failed it. Is it Chris Brown or Chris White, that's the question of the day after he wore a whit sweater and whit pants with a little red in it. It did not come out well with the white background, you looked kind of invisible Chris. Taylor Swift looked like she was joining a sexparty  later that night with that latex jumpsuit. Lets go further with the ones who nailed it. We loved Iggy Azalea's look, just those pants were a little too wide at the bottom. Demi Lovato looked great in that outfit, we liked everything about it, the jacket was fantastic! Also the make up and hair were great. Keke Palmer looked like a beautiful mermaid in that dress! But ther hair and mak up were not that flattering. And now the boys; We liked Cody Simpson's look, the leather pants, white T-shirt, everything. But we loved Aj Mclean's clothing, and two different shoes! Love it! Let us know what you think!

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Oscars 2016 - Red Carpet

February 28

The 88th edition of the Oscars were fabulous. Some celeberties nailed it and some failed it. Lady Gaga kept it simple but still fabulous with a white jumpsuit with a cape on her waist, how original! She didn't wear a lot of jewellery because she spended all her money on her diamond earrings! We think Heidi Klum didn't quite fit the dress. She is such a beautiful woman, but the dress was a waste of fabrics. Kate Winslet looked sexy as always, but we think it is a weird fabric for a dress. Leonardo DiCaprio looks always sexy in a black tuxedo! Sam Smith too, but he can't beat Leo. Chrissy Teigan looked  very classy but still sexy in that dress. John Legend looked great too, but wasn't that bow tie a little too big? Hannah Bagshawe and Eddie Redmayne looked really great, there was a lot of black going on, but we think they killed it. Pharrel Williams wore also a tuxedo, but a little different than the other men. But the best guy in a tuxedo was deffinetly Jacob Tremblay, he is such a cutie! Leave a comment below to let us know wich look you think that was the best and  wich the worst.

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