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Welcome to Faman's Make up & Beauty blog. For some people make up is something that makes them feel confident. But is also a way to express yourself and you can do that with different styles of make up. Also Beauty & Care are an important aspect on this blog. Your body deserves the best, so you need to take care of your body. So on this blog you can find tips and secrets for a healthy skin. Do you have any beauty secrets or are you an artist in make up. Just let us know or send us photos or videos of your work. Hope you enjoy!

Ready, Set, Gold!

Hey everyone! I recently purchased my first ever Morphe eyeshadow palette and I was very impressed with the formula. I already did a post on that palette, you can also check that post out if you want. There was a new palette available at Boozyshop, the site where I get most of my Morphe products, but most new eyeshadow palettes sell out quickly so I had to get my hands on the 35R. The 35 Ready, Set, Gold! palette is one of Morphe's newest releases and it's all about gold and I love me some nice gold shadow! If you want to see more, just keep scrolling!

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I'm a Beauty Killer

Hey guys! Today I'm going to talk about the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette, the name is inspired on one of his first singles from Jeffree's music carreer. If you've been following my blog for a little while you probably know that I've already reviewed Jeffree's Chrome Collection and the Androgyny palette. I was really impressed by the quality of the producst and especially from the Androgyny palette, so I had to pick up his other palette as well! The Beauty Killer palette was actually his first palette, but I wasn't really sure about the colors in this palette and at the time I didn't know anything about his formula. So it was safer for me to buy the more neutral palette. But since I have that one and found out how great the formula was I had to get the other one and here we are! If you want to see some swatches, a little eyelook and you want to know if it's as good as his other palette, then keep on reading!

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35F: Fall Into Frost - Morphe

I'm sure you guys already have heard from the brand Morphe Brushes! Every beauty guru has at least one of their palettes! I've been trying to get my hands on one of their eyeshadow palettes for a long time. I already had a blush palette, the 9N, really great blushes, super pigmented and blendable! That made me want to try their eyeshadows too. So this review is on my first ever Morphe eyeshadow palette! I got my hands on the 35 Fall Into Frost palette, if you want to know more about quality of this palette, then keep on scrolling in order to find out!

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Ofra Cosmetics X NikkieTutorials

Hi everyone! Today's post is about one of my favourite youtubers: NikkieTutorials! Here is a little bit information about Nikkie if you don't know who she is: Nikkie de Jager is a 23 year old Dutch woman who started a YouTube channel at the age of 14. She wanted to share her love and passion for makeup with the rest of the world. We're now almost 9 years later and she reached more than 7 million subscribers and had a collaboration with the cosmetics brand Ofra. Besides being a popular youtuber she's also a professional make-up artist. Nikkie loves a blinding glow and a good lipstick, so in collaboration with Ofra she created a highlighter and 3 liquid lipsticks. You want to know what this NikkieTutorialsXOfra collection is all about? Then keep on reading!

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JSC - Chrome Collection & Androgyny Palette

Hi everyone, this post is all about Jeffree Star Cosmetics! First of all, if you have a problem with Jeffree Star and you don't like him for some kind of reason, don't read this post or give mean comments. I'm just here for the makeup and to give you an honest review about the products. Almost 2 years ago I found out about Jeffree Star on YouTube and since then I watch every new video. I already knew he had a makeup brand, but I never tried his products before, so these were actually the first products I ever tried from the brand. So it's kind of a first impressions post. If you want to see what I bought and what I think about the producst than keep on reading!

First of all I want to say that I love the packaging of this collection! Everything is pink chrome, super beautiful and luxurious looking. Let's start with the glow! He came out with two new Skin Frosts in this collection, which are his highlighting powders. One was called Crystal Ball, which is a icy white with a pink undertone to it and the one that I got is called Summer Snowcone and this is a yellow gold highlighter. I find that Summer Snowcone is more appropriate for summertime. I think that Crystal Ball would work great with my skintone, but for the summer I like more warm toned highlighters, especially when get a little bit more tanned.

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First Impression - ELF Cosmetics

Hi guys! Today's post is all about the brand E.L.F. This is a brand with a very affordable makeup line. They also have skincare, brushes and other tools. I'm sure a lot of you already know the brand and might own some of their products, but I've never tried out anything from this brand. I ordered a foundation, highlighter, a blush palette, a contour palette, an eyeshadow palette and an eyeshadow brush. At the end of this post you will find some photos of me with the products tested on my face. If you want to know what I think about these products, just keep on reading!

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Holy Summer Glow

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I'm in love with my Makeup Addiction Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes! I already reviewed their Flaming Love  and their Meadow palette and the pigmentation was real! They still have another palette and they recently came out with a new smokey palette. But today's review is all about the glow! The brand has two highlighting palettes and they also got loose highlighters and in this post I'm going to review one of the two higlighting palettes: Holy Glow Vol. 1

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Smooth Lips - Selfmade Scrub

Today I will teach you how you can make a selfmade lipscrub. If you read my post "The Beauty Secret of Olive Oil" , you already know that olive oil can be used for multiple purposes like hair care, for dry skin, to remove your makeup and give you some smooth legs. Now we're going to use olive oil to make our own lipscrub! It's so easy to make it and it won't cost you a penny. If you want to know how to get smooth lips with your own lipscrub? Just keep on reading!

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Flaming Love - The Addiction Never Stops

If you already checked out my post on the Meadow palette, you might know about wich addiction I'm talking about. I'm talking about Makeup Addiction Cosmetics. I already reviewed the Meadow palette, but that was actually the last palette they came out with and the Flaming Love was their very first eyeshadow palette. They also have a Vintage palette, but I wasn't able to get my hands on that one. If you read the post on the other palette you already know what I think about the formula and if you haven't checked it out yet, I suggest you to do that first. Without any further ado, let's jump right into it and see if this palette lives up to my expectations...

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Stay Put Brows

Eyebrows were never so important as today. Everyone has them, but not everyone fills them in. It's a big trend now adays to fill in your brows, but not only fill them in, also create different shapes, styles, colors, textures, ... There are a lot of possibilities! You certainly have heard about the Annastasia Beverly - Hills Dipbrow Pomade, I don't own that one yet, but I will try it out one day. The Dipbrow is a little more up there in price, so I bought the Milani - Stay Put Brow Color, wich is a lot more affordable. Let's see if this product does what it says and how it holds up...

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Spring Things & Makeup Feelings

Spring is the greatest time of the year. The beginning of a lot of new things and changes, especially in makeup. During the winter we like to go a little darker with our makeup, but spring brings the light pastels and the bright fun colors back! Normally I'm all about the neutrals, but I stepped a little out of my comfort zone and bought this playful and colorful eyeshadow palette by Makeup Addiction Cosmetics. I got mine from Boozyshop, but unfortunately they won't sell this product and brand anymore. This palette is currently still available! So take your chance!

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Pure Skin With Pure Clay

Who else struggels sometimes with clogged pores, imperfections and impurities? I do... and I love some good skin care to take care of those problems. It can take a long time before you find the product that does the job. It's very common that products claimed to do something, but that they didn't achieve any of the results you were expecting. I found two products by L'Oréal Paris, let's see if one of these two products does the job and if any of the claims are true.

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Make It Last With Megalast

Are you on the search for a longwearing lipstick? Are you on a budget? Do you like a matte velvety finish, but you're not a fan of liquid lipsticks? Then this is your savior! This is the Wet 'n Wild  MegaLast Lip Color. It's basically a lipcolor in a stick form that leaves a full coverage and matte velvety finish. This product retails for $1.99 on the Wet 'n Wild website. I ordered mine at Boozyshop  for €2.99, that's a little more, but I live in Belgium, so when I need to order from the U.S. I need to pay shipping costs, customs fees and it takes so long before I would get them. I ordered it on Monday and I got it in the mail on Tuesday. That's an amazing service!

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Urban Decay Goes Vice

Hey beauty junkies , today we're going to talk about the Vice Lipstick by Urban Decay. I only bought one shade so I can only give my review on that specific shade and texture. But I guess that all the other formulas are pretty similar, besides the texture. I'm going to talk about Vice Lipstick in general, about the packaging and about the one that I've bought in particular. Don't kill me, but I've never bought something from Urban Decay before, because I only have been doing makeup for less than a year. But I'm so exited to continue doing makeup, learn more about it and discover amazing brands like UD! Without any further ado, let's jump right into it!

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Silky Skin With Nivea Silk Mousse

Nivea came out with a new product, the Silk Mousse and it's amazing! Nivea has been around for over a century and their first product ever launched is still one of the most popular products. Nivea Creme, their Sensitive Aftershave Balm (a great primer for makeup) are definitely my two favourite Nivea products and I also added the Silk Mousse to my favourites. But they're still inventing new and better products. I can't wait for them to come up with another product! Let's see how to use the new product and where to use it for!

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Let's Wear Some Lingerie

No, I'm not talking about sexy underwear, but about these fancy lipsticks by NYX. These lipsticks are liquid, matte and have a great texture! This range has 12 unique nude colors, from nude pinks to chocolate brown and warm mahogany red. I think this is a very versatile lipstick collection and they created a simple but beautiful packaging. I wanted to buy all of them, but I didn't have the budget, so I bought my two favourites! Let's see wich ones I picked out.

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It's Always a Match With Match Perfection

Referring to my previous make up post 'Is It Fair To Be Fair', here is a review on one of the foundations I mentioned: Rimmel Match Perfection. The shade ranges of this foundation is bigger than some other brands, it goes from Light Porcelain to Deep Mocha. Unfortunately you may not find all the shades in your local store, in Belgium there are only 5 shades avaiable. This is a real bummer when you're very fair or dark skin toned. But I found the perfect shade...

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Is It Fair To Be Fair?

Well, it is fair to be fair. But there are other thing that are not that fair, like some cosmetic brands. Do you have a fair skin tone and you have a lot of problems finding the matching foundation and even the lightest shades of the foundation range doesn't match your skin tone? I totally understand your struggles. There are so many brands that just neglect our pale butts...

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Keep It Real With Real Techniques

You probably have seen these brushes a trillion times on social media, make up tutorials and other blogs. You may have seen them, but have you already bought them? If not, then you're missing out on something, so far these are the best brushes in my possession. Let me explain why these brushes are better then most of the cheaper brushes.

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The Beauty Secret of Olive Oil

Of course you already know olive oil and if you don't than it's your time to meet one of the best oils in the world. It is not only an ingrediënt for a delicious Italian meal, but also a natural beauty product! You can use this for so many things, you wouldn't even believe it. It is perfect for your food, face, hair and body. Let's see what olive oil can do for your hair.

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